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Is there parking?

Yes! Its free but fills up very quickly. There is additional parking in the adjacent lot (different entrance) which also fills up albeit a little longer.

Is it a kid friendly environment. 4 and 11 ?

Depends on your kids lol

Can i bring kids?

Yes, I saw kids there when I went 2 weeks ago.

are you open today

No they're not

do you serve broil salmon steak or rainbow trout

They have salmon but I think as fillet not steak. Do not remember ever seeing any other type of fish on menu

Do they have group menu?


Is there a Christmas special meal at The Keg for 2017?

Unfortunately no Christmas specials at The Keg.

Will you be serving Christmas dinner?

Many locations have a seasonal menu including a pecan crusted steak with goat cheese. I suggest you contact the restaurant directly or subscribe to their newsletter for info like seasonal menus.

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